Over nearly two decades of coaching, advocating and overcoming institutional challenges, we have grown through the wisdom of our mentors and community. Now, we publish these resources so that you can access them for your team.

Read on to explore the archives of our Ideas to Action Letters, catalogued and labeled by main subject and important themes.



024 Cutting Wires From My Tree

My Brass Tacks chat with Veronica A Perez was a gift last Friday. It was a calm chance to make sense of a week in which my spirit and memory were bombarded by misogyny, violence, pain - from Cosby...

023 Why I HATE(d) Discipline

First off, my mother raised me to never indiscriminately use the word hate (thanks, mom) - so when I say I hated discipline, it's real. Here's the story I had told myself: My ability to be disciplined had...

022 Sh*tTalkers

One of the most insidious ways systemic discrimination replicates itself is through intentional and unintentional sh*ttalking. We use gossip and "gut feelings" to police and control others who challenge the status...

021 I Need To Ask Forgiveness

TLDR: Something inside of me knows I can't be free if I can't forgive - and yet..... I don't. I look inside of myself and see a pile of rocks that feel infinitely heavy and far too hard to move. I stand there, frozen...