Announcing: Brass Tacks – You ask, We answer

Since the election, we’ve been receiving daily calls, emails, and social media messages asking:

How can we move to action? How can we help our communities? How can we get unstuck?”

We figured if this many folks had questions like these, sharing our answers with the larger community could be useful. So we’re piloting a new audio-based project called “Brass Tacks” with audio producer Caroline Losneck.

It’s snappy a conversation about the nuts and bolts of how to move individuals and communities to collective action. We’re excited to launch it next month. In community organizing, when we hit our most intractable problems, we often say we need to have a conversations to “get down to the brass tacks” to help us shift gears, change directions and make a bigger impact. We hope this audiocast will do that just for you and  your teams.

Each month we’ll answer  your burning questions on how to take your big ideas and put them into action. You can check back here and in our newsletter each month for a short audiocast of our answers. We look forward to hearing from you!

To submit your questions simply:
2) Tweet – @nicolamchin  
3) Or email us a voice memo (one minute or less) from your phone of a minute or less with your name, city, and your question.

Creative Commons attribution: Tim Pierce

Send us your questions on your biggest challenges, obstacles or hopes for change and we’ll do our best to give you a hand – Here are just a few ideas of questions you could ask to get your wheels turning:
  • How do I improve turnout for my events?
  • How can I start a conversation about ____ (justice, gender equity, racial justice…..) in my _____ (workplace, community, family)?
  • How can I improve my meeting facilitation?
  • What’s the most impactful volunteering I can do right now?
  • I have this big idea ___, what should my first step be?
  • I’ve hit a big road block ______, how might I overcome it?
  • How can I talk to my neighbors about the issues I care about without being alienated?
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