Back in the Saddle with a New Sidekick


Getting into the swing of conference calls and cuddles.

My new life has begun. I am back in the saddle with a new sidekick – and things only gets better from here.

On Halloween – incredibly just 4 and a half months ago – I started to feel the body shifting contractions that sounded Anjali Marie’s entry into our lives. I didn’t yet know her gender, her cute nose, her Asian phenotype, or her contagious giggle, but I had spent nine months learning some of her rhythms: she loved kicking late at night and liked to sleep during the day. So no wonder she started her entry at 10pm and joined us on this side of the world at a cool 5:42am.

Before giving birth birth, I suspended my judgement as to when and how I would want to return to full time work on Up With Community. I wanted to allow myself the time and space to discover my relationship to motherhood and the outside world of work. Somewhere around 2 months it became clear to me that having a daughter only made me more hungry for the justice and transformation that I get to help seed through Up With Community. The more understood of her, the more I wanted to have a hand in shaping the future she would inherit.

Over the last few months I’ve been welcomed back with open arms into new and old partnerships with an incredible group of people including: the Lewiston Literacy Campaign, the ACLU of Maine, and Leadership for Educational Equity. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share more from the developments of that work and my own consciousness as I learn to live into the dynamism of being a working mom.


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