Millennial: What no one ever teaches you about your twenties…


When I met Megan Tan of Millennial I knew instantly that she had a great Passion Project story to share. Megan started her Millennial adventure by recording her life for over a year, and sharing it in podcast form as a guide to all the things folks don’t teach you about navigating your twenties. Megan’s storytelling style is intimate, funny, and inquisitive. I was instantly hooked.

Read her take on this passion project and uncover the courage she is summoning to quit her day job and pursue her Millennial dream full time. I was thrilled to hear that Megan has launched a Radio Club in Portland – so if you are in the area connect with her and check it out.

Ben and I recently had the opportunity to speak with Megan for an episode on politics, running for office for the first time, and Ben’s story of running for mayor in Lewiston. She captured a powerful view of our lives and it was an honor to be a part of her second season.

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