Youth fighting for racial justice

At 15: What would you say to teachers about racism?

“When you were 15, what would you have said to your teachers about racism?” This was the question I found myself pondering on a recent afternoon in the basement meeting room of Lewiston Public High School listening to a racial justice presentation from a group of strong, and inspiring young women from the 21st Century after-school program preparing for a workshop with their teachers. These women were about to stand i
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Maine New Leaders Program

The three questions I had to ask myself to unlock my leadership

How did I get into the work I do today? How did I chart a path that was not named for me at birth? How have I come to lead in a space that disadvantages people of my gender and race? These were just some of the questions on the table before us on a women’s leadership panel with the Maine NEW Leadership Program at the Margaret Chase Policy Center this Monday. I joined a power packed line-up of women: Zam Zam Moh
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Check Out how Love Heals – Interview with the Center for Wisdom’s Women

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to join the Center for Wisdom’s Women monthly Board meeting to help them improve their group fundraising mechanisms and accountability. I heard their incredible stories of commitment to the work and the lives they were changing and I had to learn more. Check out our interview with Klara Tammany founder of the Center and local visionary. Her message of the healing power of l
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