Youth fighting for racial justice

At 15: What would you say to teachers about racism?

“When you were 15, what would you have said to your teachers about racism?” This was the question I found myself pondering on a recent afternoon in the basement meeting room of Lewiston Public High School listening to a racial justice presentation from a group of strong, and inspiring young women from the 21st Century after-school program preparing for a workshop with their teachers. These women were about to stand i
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Lewiston Literacy Campaign

Grassroots Foray into Participatory Grant Making

What would it look like to empower summer youth program leaders to build their own training and participatory grant making process? Let’s dive in! This Spring I worked with the Lewiston Campaign for Grade-Level Reading as they brought together a coalition of summer youth programs to take on the “summer slide” of literacy loss for 3rd and 4th graders throughout our community. Practitioners worked tog
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Tardes de Chicas

Longing for Justice Across Oceans

I had left my little baby girl with Ben to travel a short twenty minute cab ride to a barrio outside of Cartagena, Colombia. In that car ride I would travel several hundreds of cultural miles – leaving behind the bubble of hotels, overpriced restaurants, and tchotchkes to land in the heart of the neighborhood of the men and women who worked hard to make that bubble possible. Passing cinder block homes, street d
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