This field guide is not a walk through of a linear process. Rather it is a mapping of the terrain, the larger landscape of diverse paths for adult learning. We are cataloguing the different types of animals, trees, soils, and climate that you can encounter when embarking on a learning journey. We also map different iterative and interconnected paths you could walk to prepare for longer treks or deeper transformations.

A natural question would be: Where should I start?

Our response would be: This invitation. This is a map of a dense forest with many paths. Take a moment to reflect on the core questions in front of you, and then have a look around. Start in the place where your curiosity is most piqued.

There are incredible places to learn and grow through workshops, reports or trainings: Building Movement Project, Center for Popular Democracy, Change Elemental, Colorlines, Equity in the Center, People’s Action, Race Forward, Race to Lead, Racial Equity Tools, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Social Transformation Project, The Management Center, to name a few.

Teams that read reports, attend workshops or hold great trainings are often simultaneously: (1) inspired by new ideas and (2) challenged by the habits, practices, and behaviors needed to put this new knowledge into action. We call this challenge adult learning and that’s where Up With Community lives.

Up With Community created the Ideas to Action Field Guide, an organized collection of carefully selected tools and resources, to help teams successfully activate new ideas and knowledge. We find that when used in isolation, these tools are rarely effective; teams often need to follow one or more of the seven different pathways in order to achieve the desired outcome or action. That is why we have organized the resources we find useful into these pathways. Tools within each pathway build on and compliment each other and can often support learning across channels.

We stand on the shoulders of all of our teachers past, present and future. We have not created most of the tools and resources you will find here, but rather compiled, organized and connected them in a way that we hope offers new and more effective methods of designing learning and change projects.

If there are tools you find useful, we encourage you to seek out the authors and engage their services or support their work in the world.

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Up With Community is a practice to help individuals and teams grow through transformational experiences of their own power and love; increasing their impact and orienting them towards creativity, equity and freedom.

Giving thanks: We share these resources in gratitude to all of our teachers and with appreciation for the value they have brought us. The field guide is a living resource that we are consistently adding to. We receive no payment or kickbacks for sharing. Access and use of these resources should be done at one’s own discretion. If you see a resource you like, we encourage you to reach out to the author.

Have a resource to add? We are always looking to expand the resources we can share. If you have a tool/resource/link you would like to share with UWC and its partners, please email us: research@upwithcommunity.org.

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