Resource development

One of the biggest challenges to growth is our pain around issues involving money. These resources can help shift your approach and mindset around traditional fundraising activities.

Tools & Resources

Major Donor Training Resources

Get access to valuable resources meant to help you identify, reach, engage and maintain major donors.

The League of Young Voters

Fundraising for Social Change

Discover how to build, maintain and expand an individual donor program.

Kim Klein
Tools & Resources

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training

Learn about training, resources, and analysis around strengthen organizations.

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT)


Giving thanks: We share these resources in gratitude to all of our teachers and with appreciation for the value they have brought us. The field guide is a living resource that we are consistently adding to. We receive no payment or kickbacks for sharing. Access and use of these resources should be done at one’s own discretion. If you see a resource you like, we encourage you to reach out to the author.

Have a resource to add? We are always looking to expand the resources we can share. If you have a tool/resource/link you would like to share with UWC and its partners, please email us:

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