This field guide presents seven pathways designed to help teams on their journeys of learning and transformation.

Each pathway is goal-oriented, packed with tools to help you and your team. To dive in, select the pathway that matches your goal and choose a concept. You can also use the search bar or reach out to us at

Addressing Root Causes

Purpose and Action

How the World Works

Improving Team Health

Testing Ideas

Preparing for Change

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A problem is a sign of what is blocking our impact or progress—it is the symptom. An issue is the underlying cause of one or more problems that we can directly address. We must take time to fully understand our problems and issues, and the root causes of both in order to choose the most strategic focus for our learning.


Teams often begin change projects before they have clarified language, aligned their intent, and determined how a change project will connect to their larger strategic goals. Spending more time clarifying frameworks, developing personal and professional commitment to change, as well as better understanding the outcomes of the project will set a stronger foundation for success.


Major strategic initiatives need the solid foundation of a healthy organization to flourish. This includes effective internal communications, focused decision-making, useful performance evaluation, life-giving management, and conflict resolution.


Breaking the status quo and opening up new possibilities for equity and freedom in our work requires innovative experiments. Teams must ensure that all members have the ability to act on the vision and goals they are co-creating.


Our minds cannot move toward racial justice, equity or transformation if our bodies are not prepared for change. This pathway offers those preparations that we have found most beneficial to adult learning.

Healing-centered work


Brass Tacks: On Organizational Trauma

Arabella Perez speaks with us about organizational trauma and how best to help teams and organizations move towards healing.

Up With Community

Racial Rx

Check out the website of Dr. Gail Christopher, a leader on health, wellness, and racial healing. Her comprehensive site may help you discover those requisite elements for personal growth and well-being.

Dr. Gail Christopher

Move to End Violence

This online community is building a platform to end violence. Their extensive online resources offer tools, practices, and strategies that could help us collectively achieve the social change we seek.

Move to End Violence

What You Need to Know About Sound Healing

Did you know that sound has been used as a tool for physical healing for millenia, from the medicine melodies of indigenous communities of the Americas to the mantras of the Hindu Brahmins? This article explains how sound can be utilized for growth and healing.

MindBodyGreen - Nate Martinez

Sound Healing

Watch as sounds and vibrations are combined with meditations to heal and support the mind, the body, and overall emotional health.

TED Talk

The healing power of reading

“Reading also changed our relationship with each other. It gave us an occasion for intimacy, to see beyond our points of view… When you meet somebody as a reader, you meet him for the first time, newly, freshly.” Michelle Kuo’s engaging TED Talk looks at reading and writing as invaluable ways to engage with others and discover more about ourselves. 

TED Talk - Michelle Kuo
TED Talk

What if gentrification was about healing communities instead of displacing them?

An architect who spent years planning in and revitalizing the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, Liz Ogbu discusses “spatial justice,” and the importance of understanding that justice has a geography. Ogbu argues that this understanding is the jumping-off point for viewing the equitable distribution of resources and services as a basic human right.

TED Talk - Liz Ogbu
TED Talk

How we can start to heal the pain of racial division

“We believe[d] that everyone, both black and white, people in the South, could find a redemptive pathway out of the stranglehold of racism that had gripped them for more than 400 years.” This powerful, first-hand account of activism and struggle within the American Civil Rights Movement looks at how we can move on from a long history of division and adversity.

TED Talk - Ruby Sales

About Norma Wong

Norma Wong, an instructor with the Institute of Zen Studies, applies Zen principles in an experiential and secular practice to support individual, organizational and societal change. Her training and application could equally help with your own personal or organizational growth.

Move to End Violence


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