crisis management

On Grieving

On Grieving Last week as I was creating this framework for Strategic Thinking in a Long-Term Crisis, I came across a hole in our library of resources: grieving. Up With Community has tools and resources to share on trauma, but we were lacking supports to offer during the waves of grief, both overt and subtle, that are flowing through our communities right now. For me, rituals of grieving were something that I learned
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Strategic thinking in crisis

Strategic thinking in a long-term crisis: One approach A note from Nico: When I went into quarantine with my family several weeks ago, I was speechless. I did not know what the moment needed from me or from Up With Community. So I opened my ears, eyes, hands and heart. We spent the next few weeks listening to partners in the field and exploring how we could be useful to our movements and communities in this moment. 
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