038 A person walks into a bar + says: I don’t need to understand equity to achieve my org’s mission

You know, I couldn’t blame them for not wanting to slap some new approach on their work - racial equity or otherwise - to please an audience or a funder. I thought that was wise. And yet, there was this mountain to move, something I had to help them see that had been in front of their eyes the whole time, but invisible to them.
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032 Integrity

After years of attending and offering racial justice and equity learning experiences, I realized that I rarely initiated or participated in direct conversations about integrity, morality, or ethics. Perhaps the topics we touched implicitly referred to ethics or morals, but we never actually spent time talking about the mechanics of integrity in our work and lives.
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030 Doing the Do Pt. 3 – Experiments In Building The World As It Should Be

Lately, I have been sitting in rooms with creative people pondering one of the toughest questions I meet in my work: What do we need to do today to survive in the world as it is, while building the world as it should be?
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029 Doing the Do Pt. 2 – Equity Is Transformation

How many times have you seen an organization, or group of people say:We are all about equity. We are going to learn a bunch about how to be more equitable in our work. But, we are largely going to confine that knowledge to subjects we have pre-determined pertain to equity. And at the end of the project we will largely will be the same people and organization we were at the start.
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