038 A person walks into a bar + says: I don’t need to understand equity to achieve my org’s mission

You know, I couldn’t blame them for not wanting to slap some new approach on their work - racial equity or otherwise - to please an audience or a funder. I thought that was wise. And yet, there was this mountain to move, something I had to help them see that had been in front of their eyes the whole time, but invisible to them.
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Wall mural on brick building

036 On Misogyny

Inspired by the evergreen, "Yo, is this racist?", each week I and my cohost, Margaret Cho, would dissect that week's latest assault on people who identify as women and non-binary folks. Listeners could call in and ask us if a certain situation is an experience of misogyny. It'd be a hoot.
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photo by Nicola Chin

034 Icebergs

I'm using this summer to see what I can find through relaxation: relaxing my jaw, relaxing my schedule, relaxing my expectations of each day. Relaxing is harder than it looks for this virgo.....
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