Ecology asks us to step back and look at a system or landscape as a whole. We suggest there are a few different frames to use.


Here are some useful tools for strengthening your personal practices within a team.


5 Practices from Deep Work by Cal Newport That'll Change Your Life

Review five tips from Deep Work that will help you create time and space for focus.

Nina Semczuk

Deep Work

Discover the ability to focus on a cognitively demanding task without distraction.

Cal Newport

Goals + Success Spectrum

Clarify goals and outcomes by defining success along a spectrum of Minimum to Target to Epic.

Faster Than 20
Tools & Resources

Art of Leadership: Supplemental Participant Workbook II

This workbook is packed with tools and resources to help you grow personally and professionally as a leader.

Rockwood Leadership Institute

Collab 101 - Lesson 2: Personal development

As part of the Collab Model, this lesson focuses on personal development, providing frameworks and tools for personal development in an organizational context.

Round Sky Solutions

Collab 101 - Tracking Personal Development Template

Related to the above resources, this template is designed to track personal development.

Round Sky Solutions


These resources can help clarify team dynamics and strengthen team functioning.

Book Summary

The Power of Habit

A quick review of Charles Duhigg’s book: The Power of Habit, which explains why habits exist and how they may be changed.

Kim Hartman

The Management Center Trainings

Training for new nonprofit managers, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between; helping leaders working for social change build and run more effective organizations.

The Management Center

Shadowed Qualities

Discover the impact of coaching on job performance.

Startup Podcast
External Website

What is a Mastermind Group? A Definition and Tutorials

Discover Mastermind Groups, which are group settings that offer a combination of brainstorming, education, and peer accountability.

The Success Alliance

Organizational Learning Books by Peter M. Senge

Peter M. Senge’s work centers on promoting shared understanding of complex issues and a shared leadership vision for healthier human systems. His books may help strengthen team function.

Peter M. Senge

The New Science of Team Chemistry

Discover four primary work styles and related strategies for accomplishing shared goals.

Harvard Business Review (HBR)

Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Work to reach a common understanding of what it means to be a team and make substantial progress towards becoming a more cohesive unit.

Eric Polite
Tools & Resources

LEE Management Docs

Explore several management tools and resources from Leadership for Educational Equity.

Leadership for Educational Equity

Best of Joan Garry

Joan Garry's top 10 blog posts on the subject of effective nonprofit leadership.

Joan Garry Consulting

Goals + Success Spectrum

Clarify goals and outcomes by defining success along a spectrum of Minimum to Target to Epic.

Faster Than 20

The Five Elements of Organizational Success

Discover a unique way to analyze situations, organizational cultures, and leadership styles within a context of change.

Element Partners
Tools & Resources

The Answer Center: Resources for Nonprofits

A comprehensive collection of resources to help nonprofits strive toward the best practices in organizational excellence.

Maine Association of Nonprofit (MANP)


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