Nicola Chin, Founder of Up With Community, will lead a workshop during the Equity in the Center Summit. Equity in the Center works to shift mindsets, practices, and systems within the social sector to increase race equity. They believe in a future where nonprofit and philanthropic organizations define, implement and advance race equity internally while advocating and centering it in their work externally.

The 2018 Equity in the Center Summit will be held in Baltimore, MD on October 9-10. 2018 Summit themes will include decolonizing the social sector, addressing race equity in an intersectional context, and the role of foundations in driving race equity funding strategies. Building on momentum the EiC network has gained since the 2017 Summit, the goal of the summit is to provide opportunities for leaders and organizations to increase capacity to drive race equity internally and across the sector.

Nicola’s workshop, Beating Our Equity Fail Rates: Designing Better Learning Interventions from the Start, will be held on October 10th. Seventy-five percent to eighty-five percent of equity projects fail. We misalign purpose, outcomes, and processes because we haven’t set clear intentions, built healthy learning environments, or leverages the tools necessary to disrupt the status quo. In this workshop, Nicola will explore some of the invisible barriers to equity projects’ success and generate creative ways to overcome them.

To view the livestream of this event, simply join the Equity in the Center community.