December 14, 2018

Action Letters, Energy

027 Energy

How do you and I need to shift the dynamics of our energy to sustain the work ahead?

Ever since I launched Up With Community, I’ve enjoyed closing a year by choosing a focus word for the year ahead. A talisman, a bullseye, a curiosity.

2018 was all about imagination – from the gifts of the Wakanda Dream Lab to starting 1-1 painting classes (thanks, Ben) – I had to find my way through a dark year by dreaming myself into the future. My favorite imagination fertilizer from this year included: Illustrating, Queer Eye (thanks Anand/Jyo, Craig/Julia), Dance Parties, Kundalini Yoga, Splendid Table and #smoothielife.

For 2019, I’m being called to ENERGY.

This month, I spoke with Elijah Brunson about the gifts of creating a healthy dynamic of energy in our lives on which to build the world we are dreaming. Imagination gave me flights of inspiration, now I need the grounding to take on the curveballs ahead and the stamina to not give up. Kundalini has been a valuable invitation to managing my energy. And, Elijah’s insights are helpful whether or not you are called to the mat.

Balancing the dynamic of our energy is about giving (and receiving) light – this isn’t about calm;) I am fairly allergic to the cheese of meditation being a way to a stillness that never ripples. For me, energy management isn’t about calming the waves of emotion – though calm and stillness certainly arise – it’s about riding the waves with grace and ease in a way that builds up my energy from the highs and lows, rather than depletes me.

Here’s to a new year, and a new chance to guide our energy in a way that stewards us on to the next journey. Find a cool way to move into your energy? Send us pics, links, or stories and we’ll share!

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