Brass Tacks: On Putting Racial Equity at the Center of Strategy


During times of tragedy and crisis – grief, pain and anger in this moment can feel almost unending. As we know from the courage, perseverance and triumphs of those that have come before us – we shall move forward.

Just a few days before the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, and national uprisings for black lives, and justice for all black communities – we gathered with a community of leaders to explore how we center racial equity in our strategy now and for the long term.

As we continue to seek paths forward in this darkness, we wanted to share some of these reflections as an aid to teams in your strategy conversations now and in the weeks ahead.

You can find the full Strategic Thinking in a Long-Term Crisis doc here:

We encourage you to open it up and flip through as you listen to the video!

Watch the full session here:


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