Why I HATE(d) Discipline

First off, my mother raised me to never indiscriminately use the word hate (thanks, mom) – so when I say I hated discipline, it’s real. Here’s the story I had told myself: My ability to be disciplined had gotten me through grade school, high school, into college, and it was still what made┬áme strong at work – getting things done, no matter what. And, it made me miserable, tense, nervous and la
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People Don’t Stop _____, They Start…

A fired up young person came up to me at a recent high school workshop I was leading and asked me if anti-racism was my goal – he was ready to pounce on my answer. “No” I simply replied and it stopped him in his tracks. Anti-racism is an objective to my larger goals of freedom (the ability to be fully who we are) and living love (the power that makes that possible). And that’s not because I
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