021 I Need To Ask Forgiveness

TLDR: Something inside of me knows I can't be free if I can't forgive - and yet..... I don't. I look inside of myself and see a pile of rocks that feel infinitely heavy and far too hard to move. I stand there, frozen.
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What’s it going to take? #loveandservice

In the two months since the election I’ve been inundated with calls asking how folks can move their friends and neighbors to action. Their questions all come down to one simple ask: What’s it going to take to make change? These are some of my favorite conversations to have, and to them well we often need to set aside an hour or more to really dive into the power dynamics, social/political context, and peo
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Check Out how Love Heals – Interview with the Center for Wisdom’s Women

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to join the Center for Wisdom’s Women monthly Board meeting to help them improve their group fundraising mechanisms and accountability. I heard their incredible stories of commitment to the work and the lives they were changing and I had to learn more. Check out our interview with Klara Tammany founder of the Center and local visionary. Her message of the healing power of l
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