Announcing: Brass Tacks – You ask, We answer

Since the election, we’ve been receiving daily calls, emails, and social media messages asking: “How can we move to action? How can we help our communities? How can we get unstuck?” We figured if this many folks had questions like these, sharing our answers with the larger community could be useful. So we’re piloting a new audio-based project called “Brass Tacks” with audio produce
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What’s it going to take? #loveandservice

In the two months since the election I’ve been inundated with calls asking how folks can move their friends and neighbors to action. Their questions all come down to one simple ask: What’s it going to take to make change? These are some of my favorite conversations to have, and to them well we often need to set aside an hour or more to really dive into the power dynamics, social/political context, and peo
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Maine New Leaders Program

The three questions I had to ask myself to unlock my leadership

How did I get into the work I do today? How did I chart a path that was not named for me at birth? How have I come to lead in a space that disadvantages people of my gender and race? These were just some of the questions on the table before us on a women’s leadership panel with the┬áMaine NEW Leadership Program at the Margaret Chase Policy Center this Monday. I joined a power packed line-up of women: Zam Zam Moh
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We should be organizing for these guys

All too often we consider organizing and community organizing limited to the political realm. Sometime between the 70’s and today many of us lost the connection to the personal is political. In my hometown of Lewiston, I got to see an incredible intersection of the personal and the political. She Doesn’t Like Guthries – is a locally owned business that has been supporting community gatherings, movie
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Taking it to the Next Level : Mid-Level organizing training on Long Island

Inspiration this week has come in the form of a mid-level organizing training on Long Island with partners of the Long Island Civic Engagement Table — Several months ago Ana Maria Archila of the Center for Popular Democracy and I connected on bringing some of the practices and insights I have been working on with Up With Community to a mid-level organizing training for 15 seasoned staff on Long Island. Our goal
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