Doing the Do Pt. 1

Get all our letters by signing up here The universe sends me gifts in the form of a question I often get asked in this line of work: “Who are you to be an expert?” The question is an opportunity to claim a piece of my self. My favored response is something like: If I tell you I’m not an expert, then in this moment of patriarchy and misogyny, I’m relinquishing a piece of my own power. And if I
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Cutting Wires From My Tree

My Brass Tacks chat with Veronica A Perez was a gift last Friday. It was a calm chance to make sense of a week in which my spirit and memory were bombarded by misogyny, violence, pain – from Cosby to Kavanaugh – to reflecting on Anita, Monica, Christina and millions of nameless survivors. I have struggled mightily to make sense of my thoughts and emotions. As I spoke with Veronica about art as a mirror, a
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