20 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude with this self-care tool.

Jodie Gale

04 Practice: Real Gratitude with Rusia Mohiuddin

On this podcast, guest teacher Rusia Mohiuddin offers a hands-on lesson for increasing our capacity for gratitude. But heads up!, Mohiuddin keeps it real with some strong language, so this practice is marked “explicit.”

Healing Justice Podcast

Gratitude as Ceremony: A Practical Guide to Decolonization

How do we stay grateful through difficult and challenging times? This article offers tips for keeping gratitude in our hearts, even when faced with adversity.

Kahsto'sera'a Paulette Moore, Tehahenteh Frank Miller

Meditation on Gratitude and Joy

This is a scripted resource meant to help guide a personal meditation around gratitude and inner joy.

Jack Kornfield

How “Gratitude” Underwrites Inequality, Power and Exclusion

Sometimes “gratitude” can become confused with “indebtedness,” making us less grateful and more resentful. This article may help to reframe gratitude in our minds, in order to make our feelings of gratefulness a source of positivity rather than negativity.

Eric C. Miller

The Art and Science of Gratitude

Learn the benefits of gratitude and ways to cultivate a gratitude practice.

Laura Peck


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