Structural equity tools

Assessing equity within an organization allows us to set goals, see shortcomings, enact transformation and adequately plan for the future.

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OpenSource Leadership Strategies

The tools and resources developed by OpenSource Leadership are a guiding influence in our work, we recommend engaging them for training and coaching projects.

OpenSource Leadership Strategies

On Liberatory Consciousness

Dr. Barbara Love provides foundational essays on Developing a Liberatory Consciousness–a back bone for structural change.

Dr. Barbara Love

Assessing Equity and Applying an Equity Commitment in Our Campaigns

Build an equity approach into assessing the problem you’re seeking to solve, testing potential solutions, and forming campaign demands.

Bending the Arc Strategies

Transformational, Values-Based Messages

Connect your message to a worldview and public narrative.

Bending the Arc Strategies

Strategic Public Narrative and Values Based Messaging

Understand how to publish and promote your message in a way that reinforces core values and your specific world views.

Bending the Arc Strategies

Narrative Framing

Dive deep into developing a narrative frame that shapes perspective and understanding of what needs to happen around any given issue.

Bending the Arc Strategies

Points of Interventions: Opportunities to Shift the Story

Identify points of intervention to change the trajectory of a system or story.

Center for Story-Based Strategy

Making Your Case

Outline your case, identify your audience, and design your core message.

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE)
External Website

Theory of Knowledge

Discover the Theory of Knowledge, a combination of new ideas and long-established theories.

Theory of Knowledge

From Politics to Public Policy

This resource shows specifically nonprofit groups how to embracing digital media and technology.

The Joyce Foundation


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