Nourishing The Nervous System

This timely tome from somatically-oriented therapeutic guide tayla is an accessible and energizing guide to nourishing the nervous system during crisis. From embodiment exercises to reflections on the animal body, tayla will help connect you to practices to ground in presence & grow your capacity to care on the cusp of collapse.

tayla shanaye

Strozzi Institute

Strozzi Institute offers one comprehensive approach to somatics.

Strozzi Institute


generative somatics

Discover using somatics for organizing, movement building, and action. Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience. The term is used in movement therapy to signify approaches based on the soma, or “the body as perceived from within.” The generative somatics organization uses modern techniques and knowledge around this body connection to support social and climate justice movements in achieving their visions of a radically transformed society.

generative somatics


generative somatics: The Approach

Learn more about somatics and the approach which the generative somatics organization takes to create lasting change–a change born and based in an individual’s body, but which has the power to extend to society at large.

Somatics and Trauma

Introduction to generative somatics

A brief introduction to somatics as a methodology of individual and collective transformation.

Somatics 4 Activism

Kundalini Yoga – A Journey thru the Chakras with Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

What we typically call yoga today are practices that have been distilled by British, German and American people who have taken elements of diverse cultural and religious practices from throughout India. Of all the yogic practices we’ve tried, we find Kundalini yoga offers the most comprehensive set of exercises to improve the work we do in the world. This is a practice that had an Indian guru founder but has largely been refined and codified by white people who have valued these practices. The two resources here are ones that we find to be the least exotifying and extractive.

Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

Kundalini Yoga

Understand and practice Kundalini Yoga with this compendium of videos.

yoga journal


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