Power mapping and analysis

Use power mapping and analysis to understand how–and by whom–power is exercised to maintain the conditions we seek to change.

Strategy Formation Using SWOT and Power Mapping Tools

Very useful two tools;  a SWOT Analysis and a Power Map by Erik Peterson.

Bending the Arc Strategies

Confusion Around Power: A Challenge To Leadership By Robert Gass

How confusion around power gets in the way of being powerful and what to do about it.

Social Transformation Project

Shifting Power from the Inside Out

A framework for community-based organizations on the evolution from member-based to member-led organizational structure, culture and practice.


Seeing Systems

Barry Oshry’s book shows how we can transform “system blindness” into “system sight,” enabling us to live and work together in productive partnership.

Barry Oshry

Privilege, Power, and the Pull of Powerlessness

Leadership consultant, coach, trainer and author of Power: A User’s Guide, Julie Diamond’s blog centered on the effects of power.

Julie Diamond

Deep Democracy

Amy and Arnold Mindell’s work with a lot of work with power (rank) and conflict. Also this article explains the work.

Amy and Arnold Mindell

The SCOPE Power Mapping Tool

Better understand power mapping and analysis, including how to use other tools by SCOPE listed under this concept.


Owning Power in the Social Sector

Discover how cultural discomfort from the use of power can undermine social sector organizations’ performance and impact.

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)

The Power Manual

Getting out from under dominant power relationships and mastering power dynamics is perhaps the most essential skill for change agents across all sectors. This concise action manual explores major concepts of power, with a focus on the dynamics of domination and liberation.

Cyndi Suarez

Nonprofit Industrial Complex 101: a primer on how it upholds inequity and flattens resistance

Move toward empowered communities with using the term ‘nonprofit industrial complex’ to help you think more critically about how nonprofits operate in the world.

by Sidra Morgan-Montoya @Community-Centric Fundraising


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