Equity is a part of all missions–here’s why

Explore how your mission connects to equity, racial justice and other fights—whether or not it is explicitly stated.


So, you think race, equity and inclusion aren't relevant to your mission?

A cheeky take on why equity, inclusion and diversity are a part of every organization's mission—whether or not it’s apparent.

Nonprofit AF

Seeing, Reckoning & Acting: A Practice Toward Deep Equity

Explore deep equity and what it takes to advance equity and liberation within organizations, networks and beyond.

Management Assistance Group (MAG)

Brass Tacks: Telling the Truth About Equity with Kerrien Suarez

Explore how the Executive Director of Equity in the Center keeps equity at the center of their mission.

Up With Community

Systems Change & Deep Equity: Pathways Toward Sustainable Impact, Beyond “Eureka!,” Unawareness & Unwitting Harm

This monograph illuminates essential dimensions of approaches to Systems Change, which are intimately connected with Deep Equity. It also offers ideas about how to bring racial — and other intersecting aspects of equity — more deeply and centrally into your systems change work.

Change Elemental

Seeing, Reckoning & Acting: A Practice Toward Deep Equity

What transformation toward deep equity is and what it takes to advance equity and liberation (with a strong emphasis on racial equity), within our organizations, networks and beyond.

Change Elemental

Systems Change with an Equity Lens: Community Interventions that Shift Power and Center Race

What does transformative systems change look like in the field? Where are we seeing real shifts in power and lasting transformation? What is different about the approaches led by people of color, women, immigrants and others groups who are leading this work and often on the periphery of dominant narratives about systems change?

Change Elemental

The Curb-Cut Effect

Exploring the direct and indirect benefits to society at-large of increasing equity for all communities.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Practicing the Elements of a Liberating Ecosystem

Continuous and synchronous attention to these elements is foundational to being in “right relationship” with change—to advancing transformation toward love, dignity and justice.

Change Elemental

Assessing Equity and Applying an Equity Commitment in Our Campaigns

As Erik writes, equity "is not a box to tick off... [it] is a practice." Here, Erik offers a set of tools that can be applied to campaigns, projects or general team work habits to keep the focus on equity.

Erik Peterson, Bending the Arc Strategies

Where Does it Hurt? Health and Disharmony in Organizational Ecosystems

Here Ora Grodsky presents a framework for viewing organizational challenges and opportunities within the context of the four layers of organizational ecosystems. All of the layers are living subsystems within the ecosystem. And all living systems require tending over time to maintain or restore health. This framework can be used to understand how the different layers influence each other and the ecosystem as a whole, and to identify and design appropriate interventions to foster, create, or restore organizational harmony.

Ora Grodsky

DEI Approach is No Longer Relevant: Operationalizing Racial Justice in Non-Profit Organizations by Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates

Start or deepen your organization’s work to align with racial equity by increasing your confidence to take risks, honoring your justice warrior ancestors by acting with integrity and through solidarity, remembering that racial justice work is done in right relationship and accountability to communities.

Medium: Race

Examples of equity work – understanding the field

Models for how to best design equity explorations.

Five Elements of a Thriving Justice Ecosystem: Pursuing Deep Equity

Better understand “deep equity” and how to make a systematic shift toward it.

Management Assistant Group (MAG) through Non-Profit Quarterly (NPQ)
Case Study

Systemic Change and Equity

Understand systems thinking and why it is an essential skill for systemic change related to equity.

Equity-centered capacity building network (ECCBN)

Equity in the Center: Data Walk Slides

Explore Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) gaps in organizations and why these gaps persist.

Equity in the Center

Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture (Full Report)

Better understand the race equity cycle in the workplace and successful strategies for dismantling it.

Equity in the Center

Building a Race Equity Culture in the Social Center

A resource for organizations interested in adopting a Race Equity Culture. This is an abbreviated version of the full report.

Equity in the Center

Race to Lead

Learn about the racial leadership gap through data on the gap in race and leadership, and special reports that go in-depth on these issues.

Building Movement Project


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