Design thinking

Liberatory Design Mindsets

Liberatory Design Mindsets by Tania Anaissie, Victor Cary, David Clifford, Tom Malarkey, Susie Wise.

Liberatory Design

Mapping Our Roles in Social Change Ecosystems

This framework by Deepa Iyer, SolidarityIs, and Building Movement Project can help individuals, networks, and organizations align and get in right relationship with social change values, individual roles, and the broader ecosystem.

Building Movement Project

Innovators’ Compass

This tool helps people move forward in any challenge, big or small—in one usable, shareable picture.

Innovators' Compass


Design for Worldview: A New Way to Teach Design Thinking

Change your worldview vis-à-vis design thinking and unconscious bias education. Then create and iterate in the wake of that paradigm shift.

Emi Kolawole

Creative Confidence

Tap into your creative potential in work and personal life, innovate in your approaches and problem solving, and work toward becoming more productive and successful in your life and career.

David Kelley, Tom Kelley

101 Design Methods: A Structured Design Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organization

Learn to approach the practice of creating new products, services, and customer experiences as a science, rather than as an art.

Vijay Kumar

IDEO Method Cards

Use these cards to help you design products, spaces, services, and experiences.


Mike Rohde

Meet Mike Rohde, a designer and author.

Mike Rohde


Jassica Esch

Discover the designer Jassica Esch.

Jessica Esch


How to Transform your Team in 5 Days

Consider this solution for impactful strategic planning and management within organizations.

Mark Kuznicki


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